BaaS - Business as a Service


BaaS - Business as a Service?

This is a concept researched at some universities as a collaborative and dynamic organization model for flexibly running a business. "Virtualization of a business". Look at the tradional way of starting up a company, the organizational chart. You start from the top, add boxes and branch out and expand from there.

The Orgchart Company



Ask yourself;
> Do you know why you are adding a function in the orgchart?
> How do you get information to flow through the company?
> How do you get sales to focus on sales but still reporting the results?
> How do you support you customers and partners?
> How do you scale your company to match growing needs?

It is very common that each function, sales, marketing, engineering, operations all create their processes that are not connected with the company as a whole.

The Business as a Service Company



When you organize your company as business as a service, each company service needed (whether done inside the company or by somebody else) can be modeled after;

Business Process
> Process
> Activities
> Tasks

> Solo
> Group
> Reports to
> Access to

Social Netorking & Communications
> Group
> Services

This way of organizing means that you can easily "virtualize" your business. Let's say you have important partners or resellers, you organize a partner sales team which consists of people from your company as well as your partner and determine easily how to together sell and support your customers. The same can easily be applied to customer services.

Each main area of your business can be provided as a business process; sales, business development, marketing, new product development/engineering, quality assurance, customer service.



Social Networking and communications services is a combination of cloud services and cloud VoIP/Messaging services. Using this setup allows your business efficient and cheap communicatios to any location from any location.


BaaS Service Model

A common way to present your business is today, you do have products or services you promote selling to your customers. Your customers will either have to know what you are doing or they typically search for "something" and will maybe find you.


An alternative to follow is to help your customers help you by thinking and organizing your business into answering their questions and concerns by turning the picture around into; Your customers are searching for answers to important questions such as "Web conferencing services in Sweden", and your business provides select service product proposals. This structure makes it also easier to find an answer in a products & services section.



By aligning your company execution with an overall business strategy, you can create an "L4-shaped" business model round the overall business strategy, operations and business opportunities for your sales & marketing activities, new
product development (NPD) and your customer services.



Product & Services offers

Software services are getting to be more and more developed according to modularized business process parts that you can integrate with your business. Contact us for IT experts and consultants to improve your business processes.

On demand Services


With the use of cloud services and mix of public, private and hybrid clouds, businesses can today start workiing in the direction of running your "Business as a Service".

Cloud services can be organized into different packages:

Sales package: Inside sales, Consultative sales, Lead, Campaign, Opportunity, Contact and Channel/Account management

Marketing package: Outbound and inbound marketing, Social media and Social networking, Websites, Ezines, Blogs, Telemarketing, Direct Marketing, Photos, Events, Videomessages, Audiomessages, Whitepapers, Datasheets, Webinars, Sales Training Kits.

New Product Development Package: Product Management, Product Requirements, Agile Product Development, QA & Test, Outsourced, Outsourced with local project control, Insourced with local project control, most software areas

Business strategy package: Sales and marketing strategy, business development, partners, investors

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