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  • Enhance your digital competence & Experience being "Digital"
  • Business model generation & Value proposal design

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Consultative Dog

The "Consultative Dog" is a service brand for services provided by Thomas Lidforss International in Oslo, Norway, Stockholm, Sweden and with international partners for other markets. 

Company Board Advisor

Services for analysis of  potential for improvements

Consultative Dog - Digital Competence for Your Company Board

Are you missing out on new business opportunities because your company board is lacking digital experience and new disruptive business models? 

Develop digital strategies for your company, improve business models and plans. Make this a standard part on the agenda. Review board and executive management team and change/complement with missing competence. Watch out for new business models and competitors.

Digitalization of your business

Definition according to GartnerDigitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business. See also; How to drive innovation and business growth. A whitepaper from PwC Oracle practice.

A good report on how value drivers add up to total business value for Industry 4.0 companies.


1) Maintenance, repair, and operations.
Source: "Industry 4.0: How to navigate digitization of the manufacturing sector" McKinsey Digital 2015.

There are five steps according to a McKinsey report (Digital in industry from Buzzword to value creation) to get ahead of your competitors:

  • Prioritize and scale up
  • Adopt a test-and-learn approach
  • Put foundations in place
  • Treat data as a competitive advantage
  • Work across functions and manage change in the organization

And when thinking about digital priorities, identify the technologies and applications that would have the greatest potential impact.

Business Model creation and Value Proposition design

Use tools and models from Strategyzer to improve and map out:

"The Environment Map helps you understand the context in which you create"
"The Business Model Canvas helps you create value for your business"
"The Value Proposition Canvas helps you create value for your customer"

Register and sign up for an account on to access on-line tools and free guides.

Sample of the Business Model canvas

Sample of the Business Model canvas

A simplified but very useful off-line version(in ppt that you can easily edit) of the Business Model Canvas is available from Innovation Norway

Study KPCB's annual Internet trends report, find the 2017 report here. #InternetTrends @KPCB

Get experience from using digital services and learn from the best:

Facebook - Social Networking, Groups, Pages, Ads, Messaging
Hanapin Marketing - PPC Marketing
HubSpot - Sales and Marketing Automation, CRM
Insidesales - Sales acceleration platform, Predictive Analytics
Insightsquared - Analytics
LinkedIn - Social Networking, Groups, Company Pages, Ads,"CRM", Lead generation, Marketing
Localytics - User Insights, Smart Targeting, Marketing Automation
Marketo - Sales and Marketing Automation with engagement
ProjectPlace - Collaboration and Project management
SalesEngine - Sales
Slack - Collaboration and aggregation services
Strategyzer - Business model creation and Value Proposition design
Trello - Collaboration and Project management
Twitter - Social Networking, Messaging
Whatsapp - Mobile Messaging

Company Board Services

Thomas  Lidforss International has 8+ years with hands-on local Silicon Valley experience from incubators, startups and VCs. Network of startup connections, companies, communities and consultants in among other locations; Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, UK and USA.

Thomas will work with:
- The board and management team to provide advisory services
- Meet with executives responsible for digital transformation
- When needed project services
- Member of the steering group for digital transformation 

Your company will get:
- Access to an experienced executive
- Objective advice on your strategy for digitial transformation
- Competitive analysis and developments related to your industry
- A pay-as-you-go service with an agreed minimum commitment

Ref: Article from Ian Cox

"Expand your digital horizons, get in touch with Thomas and improve your digital skills." 

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