Senior Business Advisor, International Business Development and Virtual CEO based in Stockholm with partners elsewhere

  • Senior Business Advisor
  • International Business Development
  • Virtual CEO

"Sniffing up the Business Alley - Goes where you don't"


Consultative Dog

The "Consultative Dog" is a service brand for Senior Business Advisor, International Project Management, Startup and Virtual CEO services provided by Thomas Lidforss International in Oslo, Norway, Stockholm, Sweden and with international partners for other markets. For different consulting services, we recommend use of the Norwegian Government Standard Agreements.

Senior Business Advisor

Services for analysis of  potential for improvements

  • Company
  • Company Sales and Marketing
  • Products and solutions
  • Domestic and International Markets
  • Competitors
  • Business development
  • Market development
  • Research & Innovation projects 

International Business and Market Development

Thomas Lidforss is Senior Business Advisor in Axis Blueschild for international business and market development. We offer the following services:

  • Export Capability
  • Export Development
  • Market Development
  • Internationalization
  • Investments & Acquisitions
  • Sourcing Services

How do we create value add?

Project Setup
We start market approach having first prepared all necessary marketing tools in national language  and collected relevant contact data.

We optimize results by a very analytic research and selection of buyers, which fit to the product characteristics and strategy of our clients.

Through our local offices our clients show from day one presence in the market.

Approach Process
Sales in major markets cannot be achieved through an e-mail, but require a very systematic communication process with the potential buyers.

Time to Market & Development costs
Our expertise, our organization and our market presence enable us to minimize time to markets and development costs.

See presentation of Axis Blueschild - International business and market development and contact us for letting us help you get to new markets.

Interested in becoming a regional partner?, please see this presentation for an Axis Blueschild Regional Partner.

Research & Innovation Projects

How to get help with funding and analysis of your EU Horizon 2020 (H2020) research or innovation project? Use Thomas Lidforss with Expert profile EX2015D258394


Virtual CEO

What does a virtual CEO do? The focus of a virtual CEO is to assist existing CEO / Chairwoman / Chairman / Business Owner / Founder / VC / Angel Investor as much as possible both from administrative and strategic perspective including:

  • Understanding company’s vision and mission well
  • Managing people (remotely) wherever applicable
  • Quick market research
  • Strategic marketing and brand promotion (online)
  • Talking to new prospects for business development
  • Generating ideas for new services / products
  • Managing emails / meetings / appointments
  • Giving input to new strategic or tactical move by others
  • Providing new strategic and tactical suggestions to improve brand and value    

Discuss with Thomas your concerns and what you would like to improve.

Skype id: mpnow1

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Norwegian Government Standard Agreements

We recommend the use of Norwegian Government Standard Agreements (SSA) for a common base between customer and the supplier. They are available in different versions for the development, maintenance and consulting services.

Assistance Agreements (SSA-B and SSA-B single)

Assistance agreements are intended for the purchase of consultancy services under the direction of the customer. Consultant's responsibility is, within the agreed time and price, limited to provide technical assistance in activities governed by the customer.


Operating Agreement (SSA-D)

The outsourcing agreement used for purchase of standardized operating services from an external operations service provider. Operations are characterized by an agreement valid for several years, and the agreement manages that changes are processed in an orderly manner throughout the contract period.


Purchase Agreement (SSA-K)

The purchase agreement shall be primarily used for the purchase of standard equipment and software, or a mix of off-the-shelf products that the supplier has put together to suit customer needs.


Research and Development Agreement (SSA-O)

The agreement is for a mission that at announcement is clearly described by the customer where the consultant gets an independent responsibility to deliver a finished product at the agreed time and price.


Development and Customization Agreement (SSA-T)

Development and Customization Agreement shall be used in cases where there is a need to specifically plan the delivery closer. The agreement thus facilitates close cooperation between customer and supplier. If necessary, for buying off-the-shelf products, the purchase agreement (SSA-K) can be used instead.


Maintenance Agreement (SSA-V)

Maintenance Agreement applies to the purchase of maintenance and certain management services for equipment and programs. Maintenance Agreement can be used for solutions that are bought over both SSA-K, SSA-T and SSA-S.