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International IT Project Management

Thomas Lidforss International has more than 15 years of international project management experience from IT and Telecom projects. Most of the projects have been managed based on PMI guidelines, PROPS developed by Ericsson in telecom projects, nowadays XLPM and some on XP, Extreme Programming an agile process.

We use the following tools; Google Apps, Microsoft Office and Onedrive, ProjectPlace, Skype, Slack, Trello to manage and organize project teams.

Project Services

  • Business and technology analysis
  • Specification of functional and technical requirements
  • Sourcing Processes (RFI / RFP / SSA agreements)
  • Project management, agile and traditional
  • Outsourcing of software development
  • Selection of different solutions and follow up of suppliers

IT Services Broker

For CEO, CMO, CIO in Enterprise businesses

Business driven IT services are critical today and need to be driving sales, marketing and business specific processes as well as integrated with all kinds of cloud services. How do you find an efficient IT solutions provider? 

We can help you with IT solutions, staffing, projects, experts, consultants for business development. To facilitate an efficient meeting / consultation please see checklist below. We will provide confidential feedback promptly.

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For IT-Services and Solutions Providers

We can help you with classification of your services, specific sales and marketing tasks to reach new customers and / or new markets. Please provide feedback using the form below or other supplementary documents to describe your company and services / technology focus.

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