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  • Cross selling & Up-selling?
  • Consultative selling & Social selling?

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Sales and Marketing Services

Sales and marketing services have changed a lot the last 5-10 years. Customers are nowadays much better informed, used to Google and search services, chatting among colleagues and friends. Customers are also far into the process of already having decided where and from whom they should buy before they contact your company.

Sales needs to have active sales development:

  • Organized for in-house and on-site sales
  • Consultative and investigative sales
  • Technical sales specialists
  • Project teams for complex solutions
  • Highly targetted and tagged CRM information
  • Use of social selling
  • Alignment with marketing

Marketing needs to have active market development with inbound and outbound marketing:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead qualification
  • Content marketing and strategy
  • Mixed media marketing and strategy
  • Use of social networks and strategy
  • Aligment with sales

Sales and marketing need to have analysis of:

  • Customers and competitors
  • Products and solutions
  • Strategy for segmenting and prioritizing customers and markets

We can:

  • Find, prioritize, segment and target customers
  • Team up with sales and marketing
  • Improve strategy and development 

What is it?

We are offering consulting services for consultative sales, marketing and project management for IT-services with outsourcing.

Sales  focus:
Consultative and Technical Sales

Marketing  focus:
Marketing Automation
Content Creation
Demand Generation

Customer focus:
CEO, CSO, CMO & CIOs aiming at EU/Nordic markets, local representation or office

Industry area focus:
Electronics & Environmental
Import & Export andTrade Development
IT & Services and Telecom & Wireless

Segmentation focus:
Small and medium companies (11-50, 51-200 and 201-500 employees)
Greater area of Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki

How does it work?

Sales Services

Consultative sales process:

1. Create Customer Interest
2. Validate and verify Customer Interest
3. Find out Customer problem and buying motivation
4. Propose solution
5. Discuss and Negotiate
6. Close the sale

1 - Create Customer Interest

  • Joint work with marketing to produce an interest with potential customers

2 - Validate and Verify Customer Interest

  • Investigate, nurture and develop customer leads

3 - Find out Customer Problem and Buying Motivation

  • Open-ended questions, be a mix of a detective and doctor
  • Use of the power of Why?

4 - Propose solution

  • Techncial sales, what are you proposing?
  • What is in it for the customer? Why should they choose you?
  • Pricing and options plan?

5 - Discuss and Negotiate

  • Price (value, features and options) - additional bonus benefits
  • Objections
  • Value range expectation (implied budget)
  • What will be the result if you do nothing at all?

6 - Close the sale

  • Follow up, SLAs, delivery, quality
  • Referrals
  • Cross-sell, Up-sell

Sales Navigator goal:

  • Create a win-win deal
  • Establish a long-term relationship

Marketing Services

Marketing Automation:

  • Use inbound and outbound marketing for:
    Lead generation
    Lead qualification
    Lead nurturing
    Social media and networking
    Conferences, Events and Webinars
    Booking of meetings

Support services:

  • Content Creation
  • Demand Generation

Marketing Enabler goal:

  • Generate a consistent flow of qualified leads to sales
  • Book meetings with sales
  • Educate and nurture potential customers and industry

Why use it?

Optimize the quality of customer solutions

Provide customers with a win-win solution

What's next?

Use the opportunity to get a free initial consultation with Thomas Lidforss International. To facilitate an efficient meeting / consultation please see checklist below. We will provide confidential feedback promptly.

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