How to start a #startup and get #funding?


If you need a "cookbook" to guide you through all the aspects of documentation and planning to get funded for your startup, read Alejandro Cremades 2016 book, "The Art of Startup Fundraising" 224 pages full of useful information. 

Chapter 1: Everything Started with Onevest
Chapter 2: Raising Capital for Your Startup
Chapter 3: Setting Yourself Up for Success
Chapter 4: Crafting the Pitch
Chapter 5: The Due Diligence Package
Chapter 6: Sources of Capital
Chapter 7: Understanding the VC Game
Chapter 8: Investment Rounds Explained
Chapter 9: Deciding Investment Amounts and Prospects
Chapter 10: PR: Creating a Storm and Building Momentum
Chapter 11: What to Look For in an Investor
Chapter 12: Term Sheets and Terms
Chapter 13: Closing the Deal
Chapter 14: Avoiding Common Fundraising Mistakes
Chapter 15: Understanding the JOBS Act
Chapter 16: Recommended Tools for Fundraising
Chapter 17: Red Flags


Thomas Lidforss

Senior Business Advisor & International Business Development Projects

I have a MSEE with MBA in Business and Product Planning. 15 years of experience in complex international projects, consultative business advisor activities in the IT and Telecom industry. Have worked with small (VC funded startups) and large businesses (B2B). Interacted with customers on top levels and project level among vendors and service providers. Managed in a program/multi-project environment. Good at finding cost-effective and sustainable IT solutions for the customer, both through sourcing / procurement and selection of alternative technology.