What is Personal #Cloud #Storage ?


Most computer and mobile phone users are nowadays using the cloud for storage without even thinking about it. Dropbox, Google Drive, iDrive, Microsoft OneDrive are all providing about 15GB but you have to pay for extra. And with high-resolution pictures, music and videos you can easily fill them up.

I stumbled across an interesting new product development, The Personal Cloud
"The World’s First In-Home Server for Everyone" by daplie. I find the solution very interesting, you get all the features of cloud storage and with your own personal control and ownership at an affordable price.

IT's a personal server with stackable drives up to 8TB, single or double servers in one or different locations that can be accessed with your own domain, like "MyFamilyData.com".


The round box has in addition to 100Mbit Ehternet access, two USB ports if you already have your own private drives. 


Some key features:

  • Compatible with all major OS systems
  • Store, share, back up, stream and sync media
  • Dynamic DNS, Domain Name registration, 128-bit encryption, OAuth3 Account management
  • Device based API's and App Store and https on domain and sub-domains

The system will become available spring 2017. Check it out at https://daplie.com/  and please join the movement at https://daplie.com/#join or why not use the early bird special prices and pre-order what you would like to use. https://daplie.com/#product-choose

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Thomas Lidforss

Senior Business Advisor & International Business Development Projects

I have a MSEE with MBA in Business and Product Planning. 15 years of experience in complex international projects, consultative business advisor activities in the IT and Telecom industry. Have worked with small (VC funded startups) and large businesses (B2B). Interacted with customers on top levels and project level among vendors and service providers. Managed in a program/multi-project environment. Good at finding cost-effective and sustainable IT solutions for the customer, both through sourcing / procurement and selection of alternative technology.