How to Create Your #Salesdevelopment Library? - Great Sales Email templates


The more people you have involved in sales, you have to make it efficient. Do not reinvent the wheel all the time. Create a library for sales documentation and tools that everyone can access and post updates to from new successful sales.

  • Sales process for company
  • Customer profiles
  • Target personas
  • Call scripts
  • Email templates
  • CRM data from successful sales
  • Recommended sales tools and how to use them

In this blog post I want to make you aware of a great list of email templates for the following categories from

  • Cold Outreach
  • Researched
  • Referred
  • LinkedIn
  • Follow Up
  • Break Up
  • Trial
  • Startup
  • Other
  • Sequence
  • Inbound
  • Subject Lined
  • Opening Lines

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Thomas Lidforss

Senior Business Advisor & International Business Development Projects

I have a MSEE with MBA in Business and Product Planning. 15 years of experience in complex international projects, consultative business advisor activities in the IT and Telecom industry. Have worked with small (VC funded startups) and large businesses (B2B). Interacted with customers on top levels and project level among vendors and service providers. Managed in a program/multi-project environment. Good at finding cost-effective and sustainable IT solutions for the customer, both through sourcing / procurement and selection of alternative technology.