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  • Development and maintenance of software?
  • ERP, business processes and enterprise applications?
  • BI and data management?

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ICT Solutions

ICT Solutions sourced, should not be seen as a cost-cutting only way of doing business. You have to carefully select the resources, competence and culture of doing business together. Your outsourced part should be the extended part of your company regardless of location.

What is it?

IT Service Providers

  • Access to new customers and markets
  • The possibility to become a specialized development center for customers

How does it work?

  • We analyze customer requirements, work on specific needs, propose changes and optimize
  • Select proposed Service Provider offer, work with you for final decision

Why use it?

IT Service Providers

  • Access to Consultative Selling Services
  • Marketing to new customers


IT Service Providers


Thomas lidforss international-service-provider-services-v1 from Thomas Lidforss

This is a presentation describing the working model of the business advisor and management of outsourcing services that Thomas Lidforss International provides to service providers.

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What's next?

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