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"Together we make the impossible possible"


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Startup Studio Services

Innvation Lab

Innvation Lab is offering Startup Studio Services in Stockholm, Sweden in cooperation with Innvation Lab in Estonia, Finland and Ukraine. Innovation power via an innovation lab to grow the value of startup companies. We have more than ten years of experience from business and technology competence in a startup culture. 

Innvation Lab specialities:

Startups, Software development, Java, Javascript, Python, Machine learning, Blockchain, Microservices, Mobile, Product development and AI.

We believe that motivated team is a key to building a successful product. Maintaining motivation is tightly related to satisfying three innate psychological needs: competence, autonomy, and relatedness. For us this means, but not limited to: flat team structure, transparency, engagement, opened channels of communications, encouraging accountability, trust, enabling flexible hours and remote work, infrastructure that supports all of it. We bring actual value to our customers and "together we can make the impossible possible". 

We can help you build the technology and parts to power your innovation, product and develop your business, customers and market areas. 

Using the technology and data to power innovation

An example of an innovative area where Innvation Lab has excellent experience:

Machine Learning - “The science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed”

Machine Learning has significantly changed the way we solve certain tasks. We no longer need to create algorithms that perform complex tasks. Now, we build algorithms that can learn how to perform those tasks themselves and make datadriven predictions and decisions.

Some of our engineers at Innvation Lab started using Machine Learning back in late 1990’s and were pioneers in developing pattern recognition algorithms. Now every team member clearly understands how to effectively use Machine Learning, and we strongly believe that it is an essential tool for a technology provider.

Classical Machine Learning (meaning Non-Neural Network) algorithms are often more suitable for solving clearly defined problems. It does require meticulous feature engineering and data preparation, but they can be very effective on limited datasets, as well as significantly outperform Neural Networks.

We have created several classical algorithm solutions for enterprises and startups across US and Europe that are currently solving real-world tasks such as anomaly detection, classification, and forecasting.

There are certain problems in specific domains that require using Deep Learning (Neural Network) algorithms, but the successful implementation of such algorithms hugely depends on the availability of sufficient amounts of data, and very often this results in setbacks.

Why Innvation Lab?

We would like to help you and your company to further successes. Have you got time for a short call or a meeting to discuss possibilities?

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Research and Innovation in your  Startup?

How can I get help with funding and analysis for an EU Horizon 2020 (H2020) research and innovation project? Use Thomas Lidforss with expert profile EX2015D258394. 

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